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422, the Name ?

422 is derived from one of the most popular property searches globally. That being 4 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms and 2 car garaging. Whilst we list lots of 4 2 2 properties, it isn't what we are all about .. we list all property types.
422 has long been a household phrase in real estate circles, for describing the ubiquitous 4 bedroom 2 bath and 2 car garaging homes.. nearly as prevalent as the 2 up 2 down in the UK. Whilst in most cases it makes no difference to a lot of home owners what the actual ratios are, 422 is synonymous with this search term.

422 is also easy to remember and short and sweet. But that is where the simplicity ends.

The Technology behind 422

422 was borne from the desire to up the "ante". In terms of usability, shareability and funability. The predominant driving motive was to create an experience, that totally encapsulates all that todays tech savvy and fiscally aware home buyers , sellers and industry leaders expect from a 21st Century real estate portal.
Our tech gurus have spent over 2 years designing and developing the technology behind 422 the website with assistance from some of the worlds most emininet coders , in php sql and jQuery.
In short, we needed to create an enjoyable experience, with all the bells and whistles, but with less of the techno mumbo jumbo. And voila , 422 starts her / his / it's life !
Okay, the nitty gritty....
422 utilises state of the art coding, to deliver to you a great experience. Each sector of the site is in reality a mini site, that intertwines and interlocks with its sibling elements. The emphasis is on usability, and providing information that you need , where you would expect to find it.. in short, what you don't need you don't need to see. Creating something that intrinsically appears simple, is vastly complex and intense. Like cars, we have designed the site for tomorrow, pampering your senses, exciting your technological expectations, serving your functional requirements and rewarding your "time" investment in spades.
Our aim is to make you enjoy the site, get you involved and to help shape it's future. Your online experience, assists us in adapting your "UX" User Experience, to a greater good.

So what is under the hood at 422 ?

Coded from the ground up, in reverse. We have identified all of the features you expect on todays real estate web portal, thrown a few of our ideas into the mix. Whipped out the Dummies Guide to Building a Real Estate Portal .. invested heavily in the structure and interface systems, researched our markets and their needs and desires, and exploited in a positive manner our intermediary in all this, our humble Real Estate Agent ... but more of that lower down.

422 at its heart relies on three frameworks:

  • PHP handles all page interaction and communication code between our user and our servers.
  • jQuery handles all of the transitions from your fingertips, to your computer monitor or mobile device
  • MySQL handles the information via Point 1 and Point 2 and rationalises that information via our multi databases

Did we say 3 things ? .. oops we lied

  • HTML to handle your web pages.
  • CSS to prettify it all up nicely
  • AJAX to send data back and forth without interuption

How 422 real estate has evolved and is growing

422 began it's life based on the frustrations and experiences of real estate agents, in promoting themselves and their listings positively and proactively. After all, your real estate agent is working for you, so they want the very very best for their clients. In brief, we listened to the needs of real estate agents and their requests to make listing property more affordable , accesible and fun. Some of the features they expect and want are :

  • A streamlined listing procedure, that is affordable and immediately usable.
  • Faster listing speeds, click and go technology.
  • Complete control individually over their own listings
  • Immediate feedback sitewide.
  • Tools galore, to help them better serve their client, sellers and buyers.

The list goes on, and on ... but with all features come benefits. The features we have addressed for your real estate agent, result in immediate and quantifiable benefits for you as a buyer seller or property researcher. Some of those key features are listed below:

  • Appraise, instruct, list, go live. Our superfast listing system, means you get online faster.
  • Automated streamlined systems, mean affordable marketing listing and feature promotions.
  • Real time analytics and performance on listings, with feedback data on a per listing basis
  • Fully interwoven sitewide sharing, promotion and socially aware and intelligent listing system.

The upshot of all this, is simple. Your agent can list your property faster and cheaper, appearing live online in seconds. With a full array of interaction features to get people through your door, in terms of invlovement sharing, feedback, ratings, comments and ultimately sales.

Less advertising

422 is for property buyers, sellers, investors, researchers, leasors and leasees .. to list promote, peruse and enjoy all of the functional features of a upto the minute web portal, but not at the cost of being inundated with advert after advert. Of course , advertising is an important revenue stream for any online presence, but not at the detriment of the "users". As such 422 limit the scope of advertising and advertisements on our site. Our primary forcus is your enjoyment, with the odd advert sprinkled here and there. Making our advertising slots, more affordable, more poignant and have greater impact and relevance to our target demographic, you.

Like what you see ?

Then please let us know, we work hard to produce a good positive experience for you, feedback is food to us, so please feel free to contact our team.

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