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  • Should I join as a Member ?

    Should I join as a Member ?

    Absolutely. Joining 422 is totally free of charge. Some of the benefits are:

    1Prefill all forms on the website, no more typing email and name details.
    2Create saved lists , favourites and add agents to your lists.
    3Review suburbs, make comments and join your local 422 Posse
    4Ask questions, provide answers and earn points
    5Receive market updates, emags and newsletters

    ...and much much more

  • Editing my profile ?

    Editing my profile ?

    To edit your profile, please ensure you are logged in. Then hover over your Username at the top of a page. Click on My Profile link and then on your My422 page click edit.
    Click on The Hub in the menu, and select My422, then on your My422 page select edit.

  • Performing a Search ?

    Performing a Search ?

    Performing a search is very easy, you can do this from many pages within the site. Here is how to do it on the Buy page.

    1Click on the Australia map, and select the state you wish to search within
    2In the Search box, type in the suburb you wish to search for
    3Our Smart-Search system, will display matching suburbs as you type
    4Select from the suburb suggestions the suburb that you require
    5You may refine your search, by property type and features and price
    6Click SEARCH and your results will be displayed on the next page

  • Recent Searches ?

    Recent Searches ?

    In the menu bar on the right you will see Recent Searches, click it and in the dropdown selection you will see your most recent searches. Our recent search tool, also incorporates our Smart-Search technology, which remembers your selections.
    Example: 3 days ago you searched for property in Cleveland QLD 4163 with 4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms for prices between $400,000 and $600,000 our recent search tool remembers this. So at any time you may find previous searches you carried out.
    Nothing worse that performing a search, and then forgetting later where that great property was.

  • Advanced Search ?

    Advanced Search ?

    422 Advanced Search is really smart. Our advanced search system allows you to refine your search like never before, now you can not only search for property in various suburbs , prices bedrooms bathrooms etc. You may now refine your search, by throwing in Keywords, by either entering your own Keywords, or using today's most popular Keywords

    What is a Keyword ? - quite simply any word that you desire, and perhaps will help you refine your search. Such as fully fenced or swimming pool or sea views etc.
    What is more, you can further refine your search by chooisng Listing Type, and searching for Property, Rentals or Land.

  • Saved Property ?

    Saved Property ?

    On all Listings, there is an Add to Favourites button click this image to see an example.


    Clicking this link, adds the property to your watched List.
    To access your Saved Properties, goto My422 > Saved Listings

  • Follow an Agent ?

    Follow an Agent ?

    You can follow / unfollow agents absoluteley everywhere on 422 using our One Click technology. By following agents, you can immediately find out what new listings and activity each agent currently has. Ultra fast access to their listings, eMags and Profile. To follow an agent, view any listing and click the :


    Or by clicking the link below in an agents profile.


    Similarly you may Unfollow an agent by clicking these links

  • My Shout ?

    My Shout ?

    My Shout is our suburb information centre, and review system. All members are welcome to rate and review suburbs. To get started you must be logged in, proceed to the My Shout link in the menu. On the Reviews page, you can enter any suburb into the search box, or check out some of the recent Shouts and current Highest rated suburbs.
    If you search for a suburb, and hit the Let's Go button, you will be taken to the review page for that suburb, where you can get detailed information and commentary for this suburb along with current weather, and videos.
    If no review has been made, click the Review or Shout links, to take you to the reviews page.

    By rating and reviewing a suburb you gain Kudos amongst the 422 community, generating you points and hurtling you onto our national Leaderboards.

    Plus: for every review you enter , you get the chance to be win an Apple iPad2

  • How to Make a Review ?

    How to Make a Review ?

    Making a suburb review, is so easy. It takes about 5 minutes of your time, and for each review you create you are in the running to win an iPad2

    Example: Let's say you wanted to review Kingswood , NSW Click on the Shout about Kingswood link on the review page ( click image below )


    As you progress through your review scoring each element of the suburb, your Suburb Score increases. There are 20 review ratings, and finally you need to write a review on the suburb, in no less than 100 words. Click submit, and your review goes live immediately

  • What is a Suburb Score ?

    What is a Suburb Score ?

    Suburb Score Is the 422 suburb scoring system for all Australian suburbs, it is totally community driven and thus reflects the opinions of members scores for suburbs. This can be a vital tool in selecting areas based on various criteria. On listing pages, look for the Suburb score button ( click image below )


    As you can see from the above image, Morayfield QLD 4506 has received 10 reviews, and achieved a median suburb score of 73%

    You can review what members average ratings were for this suburb by clicking the GO button, on the suburb score


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